Mike Ashley


Balancing tradeoffs across different customers
Designing for two very different groups of people: end users and IT professionals.
What your culture really says
Calling out stereotypical startup culture. Is this perspective because the author is a woman or an adult?
Role models
Bob Cringely’s history of PARC including the roots of Dealer.
The process myth
Healthy process defends itself. I see a lot that doesn’t.
Vim after 11 years
Interesting perspective and list of extensions from someone who came to vim late. I don’t agree that lack of refactoring and smart completion is a liability.
Tumblr is not what you think
Dead-on correct assessment based on what I’m seeing in my own household.
Phish 9/1/2012 Light
This is being called the best jam of Phish’s 2012 summer tour. Truly epic.