Mike Ashley


Beyond consumption versus creation
Considering computing devices based on task complexity and task duration. Useful when thinking about what portion of an application to put on a mobile device, if any.
OAuth 2.0 and the road to hell
Design by committee war story with bits of the cultural differences between Enterprise IT and the rest of the world.
Jony Ive on Blue Peter
You can find something positive to say about any design.
About Hacker School
What if you had a residence program for a high-tech startup incubator? What if you had a development co-op that borrowed this idea?
The GitHub Generation
Big implications for software design: where does top-down and bottom-up design meet? How do you reason about properties that don’t compose like performance and memory usage? Now think through how we’ll fix these problems when "open" is applied to other domains like legal code and school curriculum design.
The Art of Improvisation
Phish keyboardist Page McConnell’s senior study while he was at Godard