Mike Ashley


What’s actually wrong with Yahoo’s purchase of Summly
Blistering critique of bolt-on engineering.
Logic programming is overrated
In Q4 2012 a vibe on my Internet was "hardware is cool again." Lately a vibe has been, "why don’t you startup kids come back when you’ve accomplished something technically significant."
Being a leader, not a micromanaging editor
This is an incredibly fine line. Sometimes teaching is done by editing side-by-side. Sometimes it is very difficult to articulate what "good" looks like. I’m certainly not perfect, and there is some good advice here.
Checkboxes that kill your product
I’m still proud to this day that we shipped SAMI EX without a preferences dialog, and DxLab had just a few options.
Computer science in Vietnam
Start kids early and give them a lot of headroom. Fraser reiterates that in the US we think there is no time for teaching programming. What does the rest of the Vietnamese curriculum look like?
Charlie Miller turns his transferring sights on Phish
I keep seeing Charlie Miller’s name on Grateful Dead and Phish transfers at etree. There are two crowds: they guys doing the taping and the guys doing the transfers.
Music for programming
Electronica with no vocals. Works well for me. Available as MP3s and also published via podcast in iTunes.