Mike Ashley


Red and green callbacks
Boils down, to its essence, exactly why we’re using Erlang’s concurrency model where I work.
Concurrent revisions
Deterministic concurrency model that I like a lot better than software transactional memory.
Surviving legacy code
Good essay on how to think about legacy code bases and approach changing them.
Mozilla and Samsung collaborate on next generation web browser engine
Mostly interested in how Rust develops, and building a rendering engine with it is a great way to find out.
Blink: a rendering engine for the Chromium project
Meanwhile Google announces their fork of WebKit to push their own multi-process architecture for rendering. It’s a design competition now.
How to survive in design (and a zombie apocolypse)
Motivation to pick up tools like Quartz Composer for interaction designs with animation, even if they have a steep learning curve.
Photography’s third act
Using photos for communication.