Mike Ashley


On Thingpunk
We’re not fleeing from digital design. We’re fleeing from postmodernism, which we all knew wasn’t going to last anyway. Better integration of technology is the next big design movement.
The Vo96
Extremely cool acoustic synthesizer for guitars. Works by inducing the guitar’s strings to produce the desired waveforms.
Stop Drawing Dead Fish
Lecture by Bret Victor on interactive art as what a computer makes possible. High potential. With sufficient simulation and control, can computers enable a high-tech performance exceeding a marionette performance? Is this what Pixar aims for, only residualizing their final performance to film? What if the capability existed for any group of high school students to do their own performance of Toy Story?
David Foster Wallace Commencement Speech
Commencement speech given at Kenyon in 2005. The power of knowing how to think is choosing what to think about and the perspective from which to think about it. The genesis of most great ideas is rooted in the ability to do this fluently.
Innovation Starvation
Old but worth a relink. We’re not executing on the big stuff.