Mike Ashley


Letter to a Young Programmer Considering a Startup
Perspective on startups as just another class of company with pros and a lot of cons. A good reminder that a startup is a means to an end and that with the end in mind, there are many ways to get there.
Are Coders Worth It?
Another take on the startup environment for web-based software development. The bottom line? Web developers are today’s high-tech ditch diggers.
The Pixar Way
Recent interview with Ed Catmull, one of my personal role models, talking about how Pixar works to make films. Touches a lot on team dynamics and how to manage creative teams.
A Week with Elixir
Joe Armstrong’s notes on Elixir, a ruby-inspired syntax for a language that targets the Erlang VM. Generally positive.
Is Phish a Great Band?
Free-ranging article that finally makes a good point about the future of the business. Regardless, a must-link because it’s about Phish.