Mike Ashley


Institutions versus Collaboration
Bitcoin is going to do to finance what blogging did to journalism. Shirky’s talk explains the pattern. This might be the pacifist version of Fight Club.
Looking inside the (Drop)box
The client is the enemy.
My favorite RSS reader, Feedbin.me, goes open source!
I switched to feedbin.me about six weeks ago and didn’t look back. So much better than Feedly.
Inventing on Principle
A talk by Bret Victor with two themes. One is user interface design based on immediate connection to data and computation. It’s not a new concept (and he knows it). The second is about principles and using them to guide your career choices. Reminds me of Simon Sinek’s excellent TED talk about starting with "why?".
Beyond the ‘Boards: The Taping Tradition Lives On
Phish’s 2013 summer tour is over with several great shows and great recordings being distributed by bittorrent at etree.org.