Mike Ashley


How Your Free Labor Lets Tech Giants Grow the Wealth Gap
Flawed. Web 2.0 is a replacement for television, and the money in that market is coming from traditional advertising. It’s a mistake to call the time people spend on these websites "labor" any more than sitting on the couch watching TV is "labor." There is no new wealth being created, and it’s dangerous to think there is.
Metadata Equals Surveillance
Metadata can be used for 1) traffic analysis, and 2) coalescing multiple online identities into one actual profile. It’s all NSA needs to tell the UK’s GCHQ to tell the FBI where to raid.
Usability in Free Software
How to conduct usability testing on the cheap and with distributed teams. Love the tip of doing testing at shopping malls.
Factoring RSA Keys from Certified Smart Cards
There are weak keys being using with SSH, mostly because of problems in random-number generators. Also provides a service to check your own SSH public keys.
Decyphering the Business Card Raytracer
Complete raytracer that fits on the back of a business card.
8 Steps for Engineering Leaders to Keep the Peace
Dealing with the reality of resource and time constraints in product development.