Mike Ashley


Who Does That Server Really Serve?
Essay by Richard Stallman on services as software substitutes and how they can take away your freedom.
The Dead Drops Manifesto
Dead Drops is an anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file sharing network in public spaces. This started as a media art project in NYC in 2010. The quintessential art as experience.
Silk Road Founder Arrested
The US FBI seized 144,000 bitcoins after the arrest. Bitcoin is now trading about 35% higher than before his arrest.
A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain a private cloud. It’s a neat concept for documenting a configuration setup. Portions of it are based on this post describing how to set up a modern email stack.
Why Microsoft Word Must Die
Interesting bit of history on why MS Word evolved the way it did. I still favor (La)TeX despite the steep learning curve. Nothing else I know will scale and stay professional.
Giving Testers Less to do
Echos the test stategy I like: most automated testing done by the development team and only light automated testing done by the test team. Let the test team focus on creative, deeper testing that may only be partially automated.
On the Exploitation of APIs
Interesting take on the definition and evolution of system APIs.