Mike Ashley


Unreliable Research: Trouble in the Lab
Explains some of the pitfalls in null hypothesis testing and more when applying statistics to experimental results. Becoming convinced that basic statistics and probability is as important as Calculus for an educated generation.
United States Department of Defense Open Source Software FAQ
There’s no excuse for any company to not embrace OSS. The FAQ and linked memos and reports represent a more thoughtful analysis than any single company is likely to do.
iOS 7 and the Iconography of ‘Alien’
Function over form in iOS 7 icon design.
Thoughts on Reviewing Tech Products
Software tools for intellectual work are complex because they do complex things. You can’t review them in a few hours or even a few days. Interesting to consider when redesigning old products for new use cases and new users.
Devil’s Dictionary of Programming
I especially like the definitions of "DSL" and "disrupt."