Mike Ashley


Don’t be a Petraeus: A Tutorial on Anonymous Email Accounts
Practical advice on how to create and maintain an anonymous webmail identity without linking it to your real identity.
Online Anonymity Is Not Only for Trolls and Political Dissidents
Which of course begs the question, "Why would you want online anonymity?" Here’s why.
Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority
Takes away the need for a centralized (and corruptable) clearing house for transactions. Lessens the power of central government. Leans the administrative overhead of an off-world colony. Bitcoin is a specialization of this protocol.
An Evening with Ray Bradbury
A one-hour talk by Ray Bradbury late in his life with stories about his love of reading and writing. Great motivation to find high-quality writing to read. Starts to ramble a bit after the first half-hour.
Ira Glass on Storytelling, part 2 of 4
One of my favorite interviews of all time. The best quote from this segment: "Not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning crap."