Mike Ashley


Bitcoin, Magical Thinking, and Political Ideology
Essay from Alex Payne using the Bitcoin experiment as an example of how pioneering technologists want to ignore the social and economic ramifications of their work. Lots of interesting links. I’m still looking for a serious and comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin and the economic assumtions it challenges.
How the Bitcoin Protocol Actually Works
Construction of the bitcoin protocol from the ground up focusing on the double-spend problem.
Indiana State Police Tracking Cellphones
It’s not news that domestic law enforcement collects cellphone data, but it’s alarming that a warrant isn’t required, and furthermore there are no clear data retention and access policies.
Designing for Exponential Trends of 2014
Must read if you are a software or system designer. Many of the suggestions apply more broadly than the consumer product space.
Lessons from Org Structures
It’s reorg time of year in the United States.