Mike Ashley


Is Weak Typing Strong Enough
Practical assessment of statically-typed vs. dynamically-typed languages. He uses Java and Perl as examples from the day, but the reasoning applies to C# and Scheme just as well now.
Why Inequality Matters
Great review of Captial in the Twenty-First Century by Bill Gates. This book has been on my reading list for a while. I’ll get to it some day if I can ever get through Truman.
Autumn is tilde.club
Advertising-based social networks are evil, but I haven’t seen a viable, alternative revenue model yet. Ello won’t last (but I like it’s ‘zine feel). As for tilde.club, I won’t participate, but it sure makes me nostalgic.
Ghost History
History of one of my favorite Phish tunes. Although not listed, the 2009 Festival 8 performance is one of my personal favorites because of Trey’s guitar setup that night for the band’s musical costume (The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street).