Mike Ashley


I Have One of the Best Jobs in Academia
…here’s why I’m walking away. Universities are broken, but it’s been a long, slow decline since the 1970s and is into the second generation of students. The debt part of the equation is the most alarming.
How and Why We Designed Ludida
Nice review of the thinking that went into the design and how it was expressed. Great read for those of us who know a little bit about type design but aren’t fluent in it.
Using org-mode as a Day Planner
An example of a mature task-handling workflow using org-mode. I don’t care for prioritizing tasks because I think it makes the system too fiddly, but hey, whatever works for you.
A lot of overlap with The Lean Startup, and Eric Ries has definitely gotten the press, but there is pragmatic advice here also on how to do better design in the fuzzy front end of product definition.
Crosseyed and Painless
The history of Phish’s cover of Talking Heads’s Crosseyed and Painless. Good performance videos from both bands embedded.