Mike Ashley


Bill Gross Investment Outlook May 2016
Automation will accelerate adoption of universal basic income (UBI). Implications on monetary policy and investment returns.
Apple and Didi is about Foreign Cash and the Future of Motoring
Makes Apple’s investment in Didi look brilliant. A good example of 1) how US Federal tax law is blocking capital investment in the United States, 2) how US culture biases how many think about technology adoption, and 3) a smart business strategy for accelerating entry into a huge market. Is it in Apple’s DNA to leverage this move fully?
ZFS lands in Debian unstable. I’m ok waiting another year for it to get into stable. You want to trust your filesystem 100%.
The official Let’s Encrypt client has moved to the EFF and changed names. This has been a great effort, personally saving me a couple hundred dollars a year for SSL certificates.