Mike Ashley


You Suck at Excel, with Joel Spolsky
Worth an hour if you spend a lot of time in Excel. Good tips on how to create readable and thus debuggable workbooks. Notes are on a Trello board if you are pressed for time.
Someone is Learning How to Take Down the Internet
The military/industrial complex continues its transition to “cyberwar.” I’m learning first-hand with Sovereign just how hard it is to articulate what a secure system means. Look forward to more tax dollars going into "cyberwar defense."
Why Obama Should Pardon Edward Snowden
Good read for the politics, but it’s also a reminder not just that “culture eats strategy for lunch,” but that culture dominates almost everything in an organization.
How to Get Your Change Into the Linux Kernel
Sane and reasonable. Sections 2-3 ought to apply to every single project. Consider what Sections 11 and 13 mean for your own project. The whole document is well worth reading. I also recommend browsing Linux kernel commits to see good examples.