Mike Ashley


The Sustinable Apiary by Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer of Vermont has been keeping bees for 45 years. He’s an old-timer now. This is the first of two talks on how to maintain a self-sustaining apiary with the second talk being about queen rearing. Inspirational.
Bush Farms Beekeeping
Michael Bush’s site. He’s a well-respected, old-timer beekeeper in Illinois focusing on practical beekeeping.
Scientific Beekeeping
Randy Oliver’s site. He’s another well-respected beekeeper focusing on pest control, especially varroa and nosema. He does not advocate treatment-free beekeeping, but if most people trying to do it are incompetent, there’s something to be said for that advice. He’s a biologist and therefore brings some analytical discipline to the work.
University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre
University of Guelph video series. This is a great collection of high-quality videos focusing on the fundamental mechanics of working with hives and bees. A must-watch for any new beekeeper.
An Interview with Mike Palmer
Back to Mike Palmer, this is a neat interview where you can get a sense of his personality and his opinions on commercial beekeeping. More evidence that the top 1% in all fields have many of the same personality traits.