Mike Ashley


Learning from the Core Engine Architecture of Destiny
Great software engineering lessons from the evolution of Bungie’s engine from blam! to Tiger. Well worth reading. The presentation is on YouTube as well.
When Safety and Security Become One
Post from Ross Anderson plugging a recent paper he co-authored. Puts in relief that software engineering practices we use today for implementing security are not going to work with IoT where safety is critical, e.g., automobiles. No recommendations on what to change with software engineering pratices.
Five Questions about Language Design
Prescient essay from Paul Graham back in 2001 on programming language design motivations and problems.
How I Finally Learned Git
Less about git and more about how he went about learning it. I like the ignorance.md technique.
The Innovator’s Method
Pretty good book that combines elements of The Lean Startup, What Customer’s Want, and Business Model Generation into a structure that makes it easier to introduce these principles into an existing (large) organization. I’m pushing this at work.