Mike Ashley

2017 End of Year Booklist

2017 was light on reading compared to the last couple of years. This year I tried beekeeping. I also tried HAM radio and small electronics projects. I spent a lot of time reading about these topics online. You can see my linklog for references.

Outside of beekeeping references, nonfiction didn’t have a big impact on my day-to-day life this year. I read Hamilton’s biography, and the lesson I’m learning as I read more biographies of great people is that persistence, hard work, and “showing up” has as much to do with success as intelligence. Antifragile was a letdown: a lot of theory and what good looks like, but not much on how to build antifragile systems. Antifragile people organizations certainly interest me though.

Fiction choices wandered straight into science fiction and fantasy. They were entertaining stories and had their messages. The Forever War is commentary on America’s war in Viet Nam. The Broken Earth Trilogy deals with race, family, and community. Both are sending me in other directions. Hue 1968 and The Remains of the Day are at the top of the list. I’m still looking at other Hugo winners to see if I can find something really great.