Mike Ashley


Explaining the Mystery of Numbers Stations
Nice introduction to numbers stations and a couple of sites that follow them.
Wide-Band SDR in the Netherlands
You don’t need a shortwave radio to listen to high-frequency (HF) stations. Web-based, wide-band software-defined radios let multiple users listen to different parts of the band concurrently. The site sdr.hu has a global list of stations running kiwisdr.
One-Time Pads
Great introduction to one-time pads for encrypted communication and their history. You can get good random number generators if you want to make your own.
Buoys, implemented. Observation network not distributed storage. Uses Iridium for its network.
Freewheelin’ Community Bikes
Decent bike co-op in Indianapolis. Well, technically not a co-op but seems to very much have a co-op culture. Volunteer opportunities to get started.