Mike Ashley


Why Jupyter is Data Scientists’ Computational Notebook of Choice
Overview of how Jupyter is being used in 2018. It’s come a long way, fast. Would be interesting to understand the difference between Mathematica and Jupyter users.
Electron and the Decline of Native Apps
Could not agree more with the damage that Electron is doing to desktop applications. The bigger problem that Gruber doesn’t identify is that _nobody_ uses a single platform anymore. Web apps broke it, and mobile operating systems have accelerated the decline.
How are Housing Choices Make Adult Friendships More Difficult
Baugruppen is an interesting idea. I’d settle for in who I see day-to-day and year-to-year. I’ve lived in my neighborhood 20 years. Only one other family is still with us. Some houses have turned over as many as four times in that span.
How to Be Successful
Interesting and a little unusual. Risk/reward pops up again here.
Nethack Ascension in Record Time
Pretty fun hack based on finding the RNG seed.