Mike Ashley

2019 End of Year Booklist

2019 was a good year for reading. I largely abandoned reading online, and my linklog shows it. In a patterns similar to 2018, work was abundant, and I didn’t spend much time on hobbies. Reading filled the buffer of free time as it came and went.

I limited management reading this year, trying to consolidate what I had learned last year and get grounded with the Miami development center. I relocated to Miami in the fourth quarter and picked up books on appreciation and feedback, examining some gaps in my leadership style exposed by the site change. Neither book is strong, but I found the practical direction a useful starting point.

My goal for 2020 is to read harder books with meatier themes. I reread On Grand Strategy late this year and got more out of it, but it’s still tough. That led me to Adler’s How to Read a Book, and I wish I had read this when starting college. Now I have a reading list built from the great books.

Fiction this year was a mixed bag. I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time since high school. There is more depth and nuance to the book than I remembered and reading it helped purge the movies as my recollection of the story. The other books were fun pulp.