Mike Ashley


The Triumph and Terror of Wang Huning
Huning’s assessment of the United States is not wrong, and while I don’t think any westerner thinks China’s approach to the same problem will work, at least they’re trying something different.
How to Write Usefully
Getting specific about writing to clarify thinking. Useful writing is correct writing that is strong as it can be without being false.
The Hard Truth about Innovation Cultures
Innovation takes discipline and also talent: both from individual contributors and managers.
The Extended UTXO Model
EUTXO is an alternative to account-based ledgers like Ethereum that allows for contracts that are easier to reason about given concurrency on the blockchain.
Smart Contracts and DApps
Lecture from 2018 MIT course on cryptocurrency with Larry Lessig addressing how contract law views programmed contracts. Blockchain designs will have to allow contract (and property) law to be applied.
Language Workbenches: The Killer App for Domain-Specific Languages?
Useful framing of language-oriented programming. The distinction between external and internal DSLs is useful. How far can you get with a language workbench in 2021 using VS Code with language server extensions?
Programming Bottom Up
This is a reason why internal DSLs are so powerful.