Mike Ashley


Fundraising and Deal Structure
Silicon Valley believes you start a crypto company with traditional capital investment and then transition to community ownership after product-market fit is achieved. There is a parallel to co-ops here.
Cryto Business Models
More from a16z. Blockchain-based platforms depend on network effects to capture value at each of layers 1 and 2.
Why Decentralization?
Somewhat related, and also from an a16z person. Blockchain has the ability to break the dysfunction of Web 2.0 multi-sided platforms where the platform owner eventually, always will screw their users.
Commercial site for IOHK’s digital ID solution built on Cardano. This is a prerequisite for blockchains to get real-world traction.
Using zero-knowledge proofs to audit a blockchain ledger without revealing private information. This will be another prerequisite for widescale blockchain adoption.
Djed: Implementing Algorithmic Stablecoins for Proven Price Stability
Includes a very useful diagram that takes the magic out of this and shows how it works.