Mike Ashley

2022 End of Year Booklist

There was a little less reading this year. I was busy with work and especially family after ending my commute to Miami in May. I did read good books. I recommend all of thse except The Comfort Crisis. It played too much on the pop trend of discomfort and friction in life to overcome the boredom and depression that so many people feel.

I did reread some fiction books this year, but since they weren’t new, I didn’t list them.

I started tracking the books I abandoned: six of them this year and a mix of fiction and nonfiction. I’ve lost patience with books that are difficult to read without reward.

I should read The Big Picture again. It’s a big book, and I skimmed the latter 2/3 of it. It starts with basic principles of the universe and builds up to how the world works at a human level. It tries to connect them, e.g., that human behavior is an emergent property of the complex system that is life. In turn, life is a complex system that is built from fundamental physics. To me, it was an attempt to explain how God’s hand has worked. Next on the list is to try once again to get through A New Kind of Science.